Child free flights-why the hate??

So...have you all seen this lady in the news who wants airlines to start offering child free flights? She is a mother, but her explanation was that it's not other people's fault that parents refuse to 'change their lifestyle' once they have children. The amount of support she has gotten is astounding!! Don't get me wrong, I can see both sides of the coin. I have been child free up until now (I'm pregnant with my first at 32) and have always been a frequent flier. I have been on many flights where the children behind me have kicked my seat relentlessly and the parents have said nothing. I have been infuriated by this, but never at the child obviously. Now, due to my job (military officer) we live far from our families and my husband's family in peroxide is so excited about this baby and can't really afford to fly (there's a lot of them), so we will have to fly with him eventually. I am shocked that so many people are so violently angry about children on flights? And to assume parents won't change their lifestyle as if they refuse to stop jetting off to st. Bart's with their infants? What if they are visiting a terminally ill family member? Taking a trip to Disneyworld? A single parents that doesn't want to leave their child behind? I don't understand the lack of compassion. Is anyone else bothered by this?