PA wrote a prescription. .

Amanda • I`m going through a separation. I have a 5 yr old. Had one ectopic pregnancy back in December. Pregnant with baby #2!!
So the other night I went to the ER for one sided pain. I was 4 weeks 4 days at the time, well they did blood work and pelvic exam and ultrasound everything came back normal. They couldn't Dee the baby because it was still too early. But they rulled out ectopic. Anyway, he noticed I had BV. I only get that during pregnancy and it went away on its own in my First pregnancy. So he prescribes me something to get rid of it. It wasn't until I got discharged and got in the car, did I read the discharge papers and on the paper, it states in bold letters DO NOT TAKE IF YOU'RE PREGNANT. this pissed my husband off to no end. In fact, we are both very raged over this.