Mary • 17& soon to be mommy to Makayla
I am 17 and I'm 27 weeks pregnant. My relationship with my boyfriend has been bumpy through my whole pregnancy. I love him, but he acts like he wants to be with me one minute and not the next. He told me today he is "loosing feelings" for me but doesn't want to break up. I have high anxiety and depression and can't be on medication because of my pregnancy. I am very codependent on him and he is practically the only other person in my life other than my mom and dad who I dont even have that great of a relationship. The past week he has been saying no to doing things we usually do together and I just thought of it as a way to get use to doing things by myself again. I am very emotional especially now being pregnant and it's so frustrating to me that he knows I have so much on my plate but continues to put me through these things while I'm pregnant with our daughter. I just feel like our relationship only gets more and more immature which is so far from what I want. I try to be positive and think about how it would be if he left but its a roller coaster of emotions. When things are good its great, just when things are bad I feel like my whole world is ending. What should I do?