AF due in 5 days!!

I'm trying to hold out until then to test! With my daughter I found out 6 days early. My period was due on 9/9 & I found on on 9/3. I was at a Dr's office going in for an allergy study. They took 3 tests. They were all faint lines but they were definitely there. My mom was there with me. I swear that that so amazing to me to have my mom there with me to find out! Okay... That wasn't the point of this post!! Even though I know I found out pretty early with my daughter, I'm trying to just wait it out bc I know every pregnancy is different & hubby doesn't know I've already tested 4 times or that I've even bought any tests yet, bc he's one of those "just wait until you miss your period" kind of guys. Haha. I've got 1 test left & it's taking me everything I have not to go test right now! 
Okay. My pointless post is over. Thanks for reading & allowing me to let my excitement out! Lol. Baby dust to all!! ❤️❤️