Nexplanon implant

I'm 19 and nexplanon is the only form of birth control I've ever been on. I've only had sex with one guy and that's my current boyfriend so I need help to see if this problem is normal and if It'll pass or if there might be something wrong. Before the birth control sex wasn't super painful we tried not to have sex that much because we didn't want to get pregnant but now that I am on birth control it burns so badly during and after sex. It's to the point where I don't even want to be intimate with him because it burns really badly. We've tried some things to make it not burn like showering right before and really making sure our areas are clean and we tried condoms and that makes it worse. So like I said I've only been with one guy and haven't had any experience at all with sex is it normal for it to burn during sex? Or even after? Could it be that my birth control might be giving me a bad side effect? Has anyone else experienced this on nexplanon? (I do shower and clean myself thoroughly afterwards so it's not a matter of being dirty.) Any answers or helpful comments would be greatly appreciated šŸ˜Œ