I feel like my relationship is over

La Loca💋 • Ttc
Idk what to do my SO n I have been together 4.5yrs n he can be a complete a$$ especially when he is drunk for example on his way home from work his boss man buys beer n today I noticed when he came in he was tipsy n I was jus joking around n said wow your drunk sarcasticly with a smile n he got offended n was like really you think I'm drunk wtf ever think what you want I'm not drunk (he never admits he is drunk or tipy) well long story short he got rude when I asked him a question n started this big fight don't get me wrong I am not an angel but I mean he went as far as saying he didn't know if he wanted to marry me cuz I had if you want me to be your wife my opinion matters n he was like i dnt about all that now I said you don't know about what n he said I dnt know if I wanna marry you n I was like well the 2yrs ago when you proposed then y did you ask me(of course he didn't answer me)I threw my ring at him I'm so hurt n don't know what to do I know think ppl say when they are drunk are sober thoughts but the next day when he is sobered up he always apologizes to me n I as usual I for give him but I am feeling like enough is enough I jus dnt know 😭😔