Men rant 😖it's long I'm sorry!!

Coral • I'm a mommy to a beautiful little girl who will be 2 in October. Due with number two in February 😍
My husband is very supportive and sweet but sometimes (aka all the time) he doesn't think before he speaks. So I wasn't feeling good Sunday and Monday after working Friday and Saturday and we had Chinese for dinner Saturday and it felt like I had food poisoning. Couldn't keep any food or liquid down at all Sunday along with all day diarrhea and Monday I still couldn't keep anything down. Went in to doc, I had lost 7lbs in a 3 week period. From weeks 11-14. I got prescribed anti nausea meds but I don't want to take them. I'm feeling better with bouts of morning sickness but I'm eating and keep most meals besides breakfast down. Anyway, I weighed myself today and I was down a pound from Monday. I told my hubby and he made a joke about how I was starving this baby too. Our daughter was born 3lbs at 36w suffering from low body weight brought on by IUGR probably from undiagnosed preeclampsia and I had low fluid. Not any of my fault!! I was like "what the f^ck is that supposed to mean!?" And he told me it was a joke and don't take it personally. I spent a good portion of my daughters first year of life blaming myself for her birth weight. Then recently my maternal fetal specialist told me his suspicion of preeclampsia, such a weight off my shoulders and then for my husband to say a stupid thing like that!!! Ugh. Men!! I took a bath and calmed down and forgave him but men with pregnant wives should consider a verbal filter, just sayin