I became a high risk for my next pregnancy

🌙⭐️Jenn⭐️🌙 • I finally have my rainbow TWINS born aug 22 . Hard road to get this blessing but happy 🐥🐥
I conceived in June  this year and last wed I was suppose to be 10 weeks I went for my sonogram and was in shock to find out again that I will soon be miscarrying again my baby's heart beat was no longer beating. I was given 2 options to let it naturally happen or a dnc for 4 days from that day.. Unfortunately when I went home I was spotting and cramps started to get stronger . So I took the pills at home to induce and my OBGYN wanted me to catch my baby's tissue so they can test it.. It was a horrible and sad night so much pain 😪😪😪this is my 2nd miscarriage . They also removed about 15 tubes of blood to test me.. I came back positive for a clotting protein and for my next pregnancy I will need to be on blood thinners but now have a high risk doctor and my OBGYN work together. I also came back positive for the A.N.A lab result so now i will be seen by a rheumatologist to see why I have some inflammatory response happening. It's been a crazy 2 weeks... But I'm not giving up and I will stay positive that I will concieve again and carry to term.. I don't care what I have to do with the doctors to get my rainbow baby 🌙I've been keeping myself occupied I learned this week how to crochet and I'm making a baby blanket.. I have many emotions diff everyday .. I'm sad or mad or okay.. I actually miss my morning sickness and ️my sleepiness just knowing that I was pregnant... I wonder if any one else is like me or can talk to me..