I think my shot is over this month...

Erika • Im 27& my boyfriend is 31. We are trying for our first child together. I myself have 2 children a son who just turned 6 & my daughter will be 5 . im hoping this app helps us have our 3rd child .

So 8-27 was to be day one of AF and it didn't start at all now at 1215am on 8-28 I went to pee before my bath and wiped and got a fairly bright red/orange when I did..so i wiped 3times 3rd wipe nothing . so I think it's going to coming full force soon :'( ... Idk what else it can be. Ha unless I got a mystery cut .. Lol Smh

This trying shit is killing me. Ughhh.. I hate this feeling. I just don't know what else to try ??!!!! And I hate not knowing why we can't get prego and I'm soooo scared this is going to affect us one day..he says no never.. but Idk.. It might not right now but u never really know.