Mom had to announce to the world

Kim • 33yr old housewife mother of my 3 year old princess and now expecting baby #2 4/30 love fitness and will work on soon
So I just told my family yesterday I was pregnant i'm only 3 weeks so I told mom and sisters and said please keep a secret till I announce, everyone agreed. So tell me why my mother goes and post it on her fb when we have 127 friends in common. Are you freaking serious??? I told her off and said that's something I should announce not you!!!! And said okay I'll delete it and hung up. Omg when I got off the phone I was in tears like about to have a panic attack almost feeling violated because that's something I should share. And after we hung up she goes to my sisters who's the one who told her I post it on FB? Ugghhhh why do people do that??? So rude to go tell people your business. I understand she's happy and wants to share with the world but it not your job to do that. Okay sorry rant over