First time Soft Cup!

Sydney • Mommy to one baby girl 🎀
So I've always been interesting in using soft cups. I was nervous to just go out and buy them and use them, but one day I thought what the heck, I'll use them on my next period. So I went to Walmart and got some.
Today is the first day of my period and it's a huge difference! It was actually really easy to put in if you follow the directions. I've only taken it out once but taking it out was kind of hard but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
It's such a different feeling than tampons, you can't even feel it's in at all! You think that you can't feel tampons in but once you try this you can tell the difference! I almost forgot I was on my period (until my cramps started coming! Haha)
Anyways I'm just sharing all of this so that who ever was like me and debating on wether to try it or if you're nervous, just do it! They're awesome! :) so far so good! 
I may completely make the change and not use tampons at all! (Except I just bought a box just in case I didn't like soft cups😩 haha)