Current cycle 54+ days?!?

Chelle • Trying to figure it all out...
typically have a normal 28-30 day cycle but this is the second time I've had an abnormally long cycle. 
Last spring I had a random 72 day cycle...  All negative HPTs. I eventually got my period and my cycles went back to 28 or so days. 
This time besides being 2 weeks late I've been having shooting pains in my breasts and a light pinching feeling in my lower abdominal area. Both of which I have never felt before. 
I thought for sure I was pregnant.  So I took a HPT....   Negative! 💔💔💔
I just don't get it. I guess it's possible that I ovulated late and its too soon for a positive but I'm really not feeling too hopeful since that awful negative.. 😞
Why do these long cycles keep happening?
It this normal?  
Should I go see my gyno? 
And why is TTC so darn difficult?