Rant about the neighbors dogs 😡

Amanda • Proud Mother and Wife to my little family
I love dogs. I have two of my own and understand that dogs will be dogs. But I also believe that as OWNERS you have a responsibility to train your dogs to be respectful (as much as a dog can be).
My grievance is my nasty ornery neighbor. On my street we only have five houses. All the houses cannot STAND her house because of her and these damn dogs.
They're two dauschunds. They bark all day, non stop, at EVERYTHING. If anyone on the street walks outside, they bark. If my dogs are outside - they bark. If you're pulling into or out of your driveway - they bark. They bark at 5am, they bark until 1am! 
What do their owners do? Nothing! Let's them bark! Occasionally she'll say "stop that" but then they just keep barking for hours. 
Mind you, we're not on their property or near their house even! If they see you - even half a mile away - they bark. All my neighbors are fed up with it.
They let their dogs run loose sometimes and twice now they've come into my property running at my dogs. Now, my dogs are lab/rotty mixes (much bigger) and luckily my husband was outside because my dog could have easily accidentally really hurt this little shit. My dogs normally play with my mothers yorkie terrier so they know how to play with small dogs and be gentle - but if they're being attacked...well...She walks over after a minute and says "sorry" but was NOT sincere at all. 
My dogs are complimented by the neighbors on being quiet and happy pups that the kids love to come play with...but I'm nervous about bringing a baby home and these damn yuppies waking the baby up with their stupid mind numbing barking.
Gah! Calling cops will do nothing, I've looked into it. And Talking doesn't help - they're mean people.
Rant - over.