Should I be concerned?

Mrs.G • 28 years old, married my best friend on 12.13.14. Gave birth to our handsome son on 10.3.15 and had our beautiful daughter on 12.15.16!! Due with our tie breaker in June 2018
I am exactly 34 weeks today. I went to labor and delivery on Tuesday for menstrual like cramping. They monitored me for 5 hours. Within that five hours they gave me two shots of brethine to stop the contractions. They said my urine sample came back and indicated a slight UTI so they gave me , I believe, antibiotics and said that it should stop the contractions. They discharged me and I was still having contractions but I guess they weren't concerned. I felt ok on Wednesday but have been having them again yesterday and today. I have a hard "timing" them since I can't really feel when they start or stop, just that they're there. I have an appointment with my midwife on Monday, do you think it's safe to just wait it out until then? Any one have any similar stories?