So Annoyed!!!!!

Karlena • Pregnant with baby #3!! Due Sept. 16, 2015❤️
I am 37 weeks & 3 Days and I have two daughters. My mom and dad live right next door and they took custody of my sisters son. So I watch my nephew for them 3 days a week. Everytime that I mention that my doctor is ready for me to give birth and to stop my meds, my mom is always like "well I have to work that day or I have to work this day and I really need to work" and she gets mad. Like I feel like I have to plan when I give birth instead of being excited for it to naturally happen. Its like why cant she call my sister to watch her own child? Why do I have to postpone giving birth and get stressed everytime that I have a contraction. Its just so stressful trying to find care for my two children while me and hubby are at the hospital and then worry about my parents working and care for my nephew as well..... 😔😢