Postpartum bleeding

Cindy • 25 yo. FTM to a Baby girl. Grace Elena<3
My postpartum bleeding was already brown and going away three weeks ago. Then one night It started up again (heavy) and remained bright red ever since. I was glad I had my postpartum appointment this week on Tuesday so that I could have her reassure everything looked fine. Now, OF COURSE, my bleeding decided to "go away" and be very minimal that day and when I told her about it she said that she didn't see much bleeding and that everything looked fine. There was such little bleeding she was able to to my Pap smear. Then on Wednesday it started up AGAIN to bright red and like a heavy period! :/ I do notice some lower abdominal cramps occasionally though. Has this happened to anyone else?! Is it my lochia or my period?! I hate bleeding this long :/