Cheating rant.... ugh

So i live in billings, montana and our big local news is around 9,600 people just in billings alone were involved in that Ashley Madison cheating scandal..population in billings roughly around 120,000 people. And if yall didnt kno you can actually search email addresses that were subrscribed or whatever to that site. Ive been reading some ppls opinions on this and most ppl think its so wrong that those ppl are exposed and are like oh think about all the suicides, divorces, and issues it will bring those poor people who made a mistake. But i feel no remorse at all for those ppl that got caught! They knew what they were doing was wrong the whole time. And basically were paying for sex too. Pathetic! I remember seeeing commercials for that website late at night with my SO and it gave me such an uneasy feeling just seeing that advertised. So personally i think its a good thing these ppl are getting caught and its ruining their life because the person they cheated on - their life is ruined too. Ive been cheated on a lot in the past. So maybe its just me that this whole Ashley Madison shit just blows my mind that ppl find the need to do things like that. Ladies,whats your opinion? Do you think its good that the list of Ashley Madison users went public? Wouldnt you want to know that you are getting cheated on , or continue living how you are and pretend it didn't happen?