I quit

Kayla • Married to my soul mate
I have been trying to figure how to say this almost all day. I quit im done with ttc for the next year. I just want to cry because i don't want to but since me and my so started ttc we have hit failure, Financial issues, wedding being postponed & much more. Everyone one i know is pregnant and im over her like what about me. I know its in gods time but it hurts when your wanting something so bad and it never happens. I know I should be happy I already have one child and df has two (we NEVER see them) we just want a child together. So with this said I here by quit ttc until next year. I can do this anymore. The failure time and time again has drove me to insanity. Tmi moment but ive become so discouraged that I lost interest in sex but twice a month and that just on ovulation week. I want my life back.