Yay!!! It's a boy!!!👍😄

Ksenia • I'm 27 yo and expecting a baby boy, my first pregnancy, so excited!!💙😇🙏😍
Hi to all beautiful girls, my name is Ksenia and I wanted to share my joy with all of you here! I'm 16 weeks pregnant, almost 17 and so blessed to be pregnant, it's such a joy! I'm 27, me and my husband is 6 years married, and we wanted to be parents so much, maybe like for 4 year. We tried and tried and no results, but this year our dreams coming true!! We were so happy when found out about pregnancy!!! It's such a blessing!! So today we were so excited to hear this news! It wasn't so important boy or a girl, we just was so happy that we're having a baby already, but now we know who is there, and this is amazing feeling!!! We're having a baby boy, I'm in love with this adorable cutie so much, can't wait to meet him in person!!! 😂👍😄💙