Immature maybe?

airyn • 22 years old, student, in a relationship
How would u react if it SO just got so immature when with friends? Like he is so sweet when we are alone but gets so immature when his best friend is around. For example, he knows I hate drugs and leave the place if someone does we are watching a film with his friend -SO told me just yesterday that this friend is thinking of smoking pot again cause he has stropped just like my SO- and I go to the toilette and when I come back they pretend his friend is going to smoke pot. So I'm like why u re doing this, were together right now and watching were having a great time and I don't like it sorry can u do it another time. Cause I really didn't like to see him be like that while me and SO are clean and sober. And after that they both laugh cause it was a joke! WTF I hate these jokes on me it happens all the time... this is the reason I don't want to hang out with SO and his friends.... right or wrong??