Baby fever and a break up😥

Awww i really wish i was pregnant. Me and my bf just broke up and im so sad because i really wanted him to father my first child. I wanted a baby girl sooo bad but i ended things with him officially yesterday. I think he thinks we're still together but i can't do this anymore. Hes the first guy i actually saw i wanted to be with forever and saw us having a baby but this hurts so much. He choked me for the 2nd and last time yesterday and i feel a lot different than any other arguement we've ever had. Its hurting bcuz as badly as i want this i kno im letting this one go. Theres also more problems as he has a child with another woman he claims they arent together but its too many red flags for me. We got in a huge arguement last night and he takes no blame for causing it. It may sound petty but i was reading his horoscope bcuz he believes in that stuff then he asks about another sign and im like hmm...thats not my sign..he didnt kno i knew his baby moms bday. It was her sign and he insists thats not why he asked and that it was a random suggestion. I dnt believe it. That sounds petty but its not when u have so many other signs too many to type but pointing that he hasnt ended things with this woman. Im crushed.. I cried my eyes out yesterday in front of him. Too much verbal abuse but he insists he cares about me. Somehow becuz of his temper i ended up bein choked. He didnt like me screaming back  (and i mever scream back at him) but yet he is always screaming at me. All of this bcuz he got caught in a lie and was trying to turn it around on me and i wasnt having it this time smh sighh just a little vent. I need some strong word to help me get thru this because eventho he knows i want to leave him he still tried to kiss me when i stepped out the car when he finally calmed downand  seen i was serious. I gave him his kiss just to avoid arguement and him blaming me again for sumthin and then he called me as soon as he got home (rare) sigh i just need strength to make sure i dont go back to him. I think he thinks we're still guna work this out but i need to just leave. Im at the point i dnt see any hope im having anything with a man bcuz im so hurt and tired of the let downs from all men ive been with. Ive done so much for this man and nothing in return smh just so words of advice or encouragement because i am so let down i dnt see me with a man ever unless im using him bcuz im tired of bein the good person and bein used mistreated or screwed over😓