I am over TTC but giving my support

I about almost done trying to concieve. Its not happening. I have lost dramatic weight this year and not sure why pretty sure something is wrong with me medically. I have found myself wanting to delete this app but so many stories. I can only hope I can touch one person. Know your worth ladies. I have been through enough in my life so to read some of these post makes me sad especially those that are young. No baby is going to make your bf love you more. Giving him sex more isn't either. If a person hits you leave him. If he doesn't pay attention to you talk to him. If you don't like how your weight I know how that is I had a eating disorder and trying to figure out who we are is hard but accept yourself for who you are. For those that judge... what's the point look at yourself. No one asked you so to open your mouth hiding behind a screen just makes you weak. For those that take it to heart remember it takes a weak, insecure person to bring up judemental words... you are better than that. Ladies be you!