Really need some help and advice!!! Please comment


Alright, so I have a long question but I really need some advice from some outside mommas. I'm a first time mom, and my fiance and I are having a lot of difficulty of agreeing on breastfeeding vs. Bottle feeding. Him and his mother both, are STRONGLY against breast feeding. The reason being is apparently, they've experienced several close friends who have breast fed and their babies' have ended up having to go to the emergency room due to sudden weight drop/not getting enough milk. (At least, that was his mom's reasoning) but my fiance has it so engraved in his mind that breastfeeding isn't healthy for our baby and is super passionate about wanting to bottle feed.

For a couple months, I was fine with this, but my ob had started telling me about all the benefits about breastfeeding. The 2 subjects that caught my attention most were 1. Reducing the risk of SIDS and 2. I would passing on my immune system. I have done A LOT of research have concluded within myself that when done correctly, breastfeeding would be a better option for my baby. And having a pump can great get rid of a lot of issues, But I am also aware there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Did any other mommas have this problem with their significant other about this and/or have bottle fed their baby and seen any real positive (or reap negative) affects? Sorry for the long read but I really need to make a decision on what is best for my child and if it's worth really damaging my relationship with my fiance if formula isn't that big of a difference.

Thank you!!