My hsg update

HAd my hsg today. Went back at 12:30 took about 30 min todo a walk through, the questions, and get dressed. Then another 30 minutes to wait on radiologist. There was an emergency and she was the only one their. The three lady's who were there were so nice!!! Well about the procedure... It's more bark than bite. It really wasn't painful or bad. Except one part.Here's how it went down.. The had me lay down with my rear in the air cause they don't have stirrups. She use the bill thing- name totally slipped my mind.  Then used the red stuff to wash my Cirvex. Then she inserted the cath. It was about 3 inches long and smaller than a coffee stir. That's what hurt to me. I had to press my uterus or I knew my body would expell it. I grunted and closed my eyes as hard as I could. I didn't cry but I started too. In about 4 seconds the pain stopped. FYI I have had issues with a sensitive Cirvex so I know it was going to hurt. Then she pulled the duck thing out enough the keep my Cirvex straight.Had me scoot back down so I lay flat. Then she said she inflated the balloon. Idk what that does... Then inserted the dye. Honestly I wouldn't have known unless she told me. I didn't feel it. Took a pic had me lean to one side and the other and took pictures of both. It was actually really cool to see my insides on the monitor.  Then she had me get my undies on and a pad for leakage and come back for just one more flat on back Image. I got a giant pad, got dressed and waited for her to go over it. In about 5 minutes she said everything was looking great. No blockages. I go Monday to discuss the next step with my doc. Honestly not all that painful. I just have a very sensitive Cirvex. They offered my zanex, and if a tubes blocked they were going to give me a shot of something to relax my tubes to open them up. I didn't need either one. I don't really remember when in there she took the thingy out... I don't know if it's to do with it or not but I didn't feel the dye, but I had well trained lady's, and tubes were clear.The tech nurse said I was pale as a ghost. But j get that way when I have any procedures. Shots or anything. I bled a little. And have slight crams on and off but I should be o here soon. I had a good experience. So that's the jist I guess. Said we could do it ASAP if I felt ok too.... We did it as soon as we got home...😂 I had myself psych out over nothing! And when I said a little I mean a little cramp. But the lady's made me comfortable and at home.happy with my treatment.