The shock and excitement!

Well, I got the BFP I've been praying for! My husband and I are THRILLED! Right? Lol it was our first month trying and I'd only been off the pill for 2 months. I really didn't expect it to happen this quickly and although I've been tracking my cycle religiously and checking all my TTC apps (especially Glow) like every 5 minutes, and googling basically every pregnancy and fertility question you can imagine, and the last two weeks of waiting were like torture, now that I know I'm pregnant, I'm in shock!!! If really hasn't hit me yet and all of the sudden I feel totally unprepared! Anyway, I guess my point is that earlier this afternoon, less right there with you, feeling impatient and like the only thing that mattered was getting pregnant ASAP, but now I just wish I didn't get so wrapped up in TTC and had taken it a little slower lol. I'm sure the shock will wear off soon, but ladies, just remember to try to stay grounded and enjoy the process. Your time will come and then you'll be terrified! Lol