Advice for a FTM

I was admitted into the hospital on Thursday morning when I went to my ob and they said my blood pressure was 160/90 and had to spend the night. They gave me 2 doses of steroid shots one yesterday and one today just in case they had to induce me soon (which thank God didn't happen) and they were able to get my blood pressure down. I was told that I will be put on bed rest until further notice but I'm concerned about the steroid shots I was given. If I make it full term will she be bigger than she should have naturally been? I am a FTM and was planning on going natural with her but now I'm so afraid that the steroids will make her bigger, and my husband and I are not small people he is 6'6 and 300+ and I too am 5'9 and about 240 so I just am afraid of her being huge and my plan of going natural!!! Has anyone had steroid shots and made it full term? Or any known side affects?? Any advice is greatly appreciated!