Surgery was a success!

I had my cerclage placed on Wednesday. The whole experience this time was so much better than the emergency cerclage. The longest part was getting set up and then recovering from the spinal. The surgery itself took maybe 20 minutes. They were able to give me something to help calm me down because honestly the worst part for me is the being numb from the abdomen now. It freaks me out not being able to move. I had such an amazing team of doctors and nurses. I will say it is also a little nerve wracking laying there with your legs spread eagle almost to the ceiling in front of 6-8 people (anxiety meds helped with that too) OH and they let my husband come into the OR with me which is pretty rare in these cases but like I said, my team of doctors were amazing.
Recovery has been rough. I'm one of the people who get migraines from anesthesia and I feel like I was hit in the um....downstairs with a wrecking ball. But it's now 3 days after surgery and my spotting has already stopped and I'm actually feeling more human. Once the stitch is placed its a little easier to relax. I'm still taking it easy, even though they have not prescribed bed rest yet. I won't take any risks. I can't wait to meet this baby but I WILL wait. If that makes sense.