RECALL - Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test w/ Weeks Estimator

birdrogers • I have a dog & a husband. If it weren`t for them, I would have 17 cats & live alone.
I know a lot of you ladies use this test so I wanted to let you know they will soon be off the shelves. They are safe to use, but are definitely misleading. 
They are being recalled due to package claim clarity. The packaging will be revised to ensure the customer understands that this product detects pregnancy & estimates weeks since ovulation, which is different from a doctors estimate of how many weeks a woman is pregnant based on the first day of her last period.
FYI - I work for a warehouse that provides grocery stores their products. We send out recall notices to stores to inform them so they call pull them off the shelves. This is where I got my info. 
Baby dust to all you ladies out there TTC! 💜