Not feeling pregnant at all...

Lacey • Mommy to an Angel 1.14.16; wife 9.24.16; rainbow baby 4.4.17 && Baby #3 Due 4.28.20
No nausea (not complaining) no cramping lately (still not complaining) and no sore boobs... I've heard that the symptoms go away but it all feels strange. 
I've been exposed to 3 children with Fifths disease and thought I was tested for it last month at my first prenatal appointment and apparently was not. So they tested for it on Thursday and then yesterday I got a phone call saying they need a urine and stool sample from me. Urg! I'm really frustrated and worried something is wrong. 
Also, I live in Canada (Ontario) and I'm 10 weeks 4 days and no ultrasound yet. I go to have one when I'm 12 weeks 6 days but that's for the prenatal screening to check for Down syndrome and spina bifida. 
I need some pick me up comments and suggestions please! Thank you!