Faint line 24 hrs after

Jessica 🌻 • Baby girl 5/7/16 Baby #2 due 6/10/20
I took a test yesterday this time and it of course was a BFN, I'm going off of my pee being very diluted but I was just so excited. I've had some unexplained cramps that lasted for two days (consistently and never stopping for more than 5 minutes at a time) and about 14 other "early pregnancy" symptoms. I couldn't stand it snymore and tested 11 DPO
Today, I took it out of the garbage just to check it again (relive the BFN I'm sure you ladies have been there) but to my surprise, there was a faint line!! I don't think it's evap  because evap doesn't have color right?! 
I'm testing tomorrow morning as I've peed too much today but opinions would be appreciated!!! 😁😁 thanks in advance!