So confused why am I still getting positive test!

I want to start by saying last cycle was my first FEMARA cycle. Here is the craziness of this month. Aug. 10 I got a BFP @12 DPO so excited! Went to the dr had levels checked they were 13.5 two days later they were 22 so I went back on Friday levels were 27 so dr said it was a chemical and my period should start soon and to make a CD3 appt when it does to start Femara again. We'll I didn't start bleeding until the following Tuesday Aug. 18 made CD3 appt for friday. At the sonogram part of the appt I had no follicles and my uterus was still super thick dr had my levels checked again got results Monday they were up to 103 went back again Wednesday they had fallen to 83. I stopped bleeding Wednesday Aug 26 well I've still spotted brown occasionally. So l took another test today to check if the HCG was out of my body and I'm still testing positive! GRRR I don't know what to think if I quit bleeding shouldn't I have passed everything. Here is my test from today has anyone ever experienced anything like this please help so confused and ready to try again.