36 weeks and exhausted!

Alice • Las Vegas NV. Love my hubby and our perfect baby boy Weston!
Oh my goodness, these last few weeks are by far the toughest. My pregnancy has been wonderful and I haven't had much to complain about other than the fact that it's such a miserable hot summer and I sweat ALL the time 😩. 
Right now I'm just so ready to get our baby boy, Weston here. I am beyond exhausted, just want to nap all day. My hips are sore and my boobs hurt and tummy is tighter than ever! I just feel like crap and can't wait to get him out so my body can begin to heal. I've had the worst heartburn I could ever imagine these last few days, and I just want to cry from how uncomfortable I feel all over. 😔 
Tuesday the 1st I'll have my cervix checked for the first time, hopefully there's some progress started because idk how I'm suppose to wait like 4 more weeks!