Just need to rant it out.

Lynda • Mr. & Mrs. 6/3/16 TTC baby #1

In November my fiance and I moved from cali to Alabama to start our own life. His mom said we can stay with her till we get on our feet. I have to say it's been the longest 9 months I can ever think of.

At first it was ok, then we started to realize how horribly she lived, she lives off of disability money so she doesn't have much, and we understand that but the way she spends her money is ridiculous. Nothing in the house is ever clean, when we try to help she gets offended about it and locks herself in her bedroom. We bought some new pots and pans for us to use and now they are all destroyed and messed up.

To make things worse we got some home gifts (things for the kitchen and bedrooms) as engagement gifts from my family which we haven't opened yet cause we want to us them when we get our house, well she was yelling at my fiance for being selfish and not sharing them with her.

When my fiance tried to defend his dad against her onslaught of offensive words and actions when he came to visit with us she asked ME if I would rather live my life with a man who was gonna turn into his father (who is not a bad man at all) or live with her as a good role model.

There's so many other things she does that don't make any sense. The way she reacts when we tell her certain things (like when we told her we were house shopping, and she spent 3 days ignoring us and asking us why we wanted to leave her) and other ways she reacts when we do certain things.

I'm sorry is this makes no sense. I'm at my last nerve and she can't understand she's pushing her son and I to our limits.