Miscarried at 5w5d. TMI maybe

Kristina • Mama to 1 boy with 1 on the way & 3 step kids
So I miscarried at 5w5d. Started with heavy cramping and then I felt wet down there. Went to the bathroom and big clots came out with lots of blood. I cried, my boyfriend cried but we accepted the fact that we lost our baby. Next few days were slight cramping along with a period like bleeding for about a week. Occasionally it was very heavy and gushing but no pain. Coming up to the 2 weeks after miscarriage it was more like spitting brown or brown thick discharge. Then today, 2w 1d after MC, I'm bleeding like a period again. Is this normal? How long should bleeding last. I have no pain, just the bleeding picked up again. How long should I wait before seeing a doctor if it doesn't stop? 
Thanks ladies. First pregnancy, first loss.