Any Guesses?!

Ok, here we go ladies.... Last month I started taking Vitex 2 weeks before my expected period... I stopped taking them during my period due to some issues, anyway. I had a 30-31 day cycle, I was scheduled to start on the 10th of August but instead started on The 2-3rd od august! That means I had a 24 day cycle! Whoo! Anywho... I've been taking them all this month, along with Evening Primrose oil, though I slowly stopped that after expectes Ovulation! Ovulation was 13-17th although I think they made me Ovulate on the 10th, If it regulated me to a 24 day cycle, then I'm 2 days late! 26 day cycle should have happend today, 28 day cycle will be the 31st, and if I'm back to original, then the 2-3rd. Here's the catch though... since about 2-3 dpo of expected ovulation I've slowly developed symptoms. Such has exhaustion, small cramps, irregular eating habits, Nausea, slightly sore breasts (only when touched) and an extremely bloated belly (not all at once but slowly developing through time). But since estimated 10dpo, I've been getting nothing but BFN's! I know I have low hcg, but who thinks I could still be pregnant??

Sorry for long post and thanks In advance!