Feel like I am


Okay I don't have a way to get a pregnacy test today and I've been having a lot of pregnacy symptoms. Like dizziness,nausea,sleepy. I'm three days late according to this app. My mom and me are normally on the same cycle. She's started hers three days ago.

My stomach is hurting but more like gas and a upset stomach than cramping. It's like I have the coming on of a stomach bug but it's been like this for about a week. I never had nausea with my other two children but I know every pregnacy is different.

I'm just wondering could I be pregnant my period ended on the 7th of August. I took a pregnacy test a week after the 5th because on the 5th I had unprotected sex and he has finished in me all mo,th but I started my patch birth control on the 8th.

Just need some insight. I May be able to get a ride to the doctor should I just go,there or try a at home pregnacy test first.

Just wondering. Thanks.