TMI Holy hell constipation


So I am now 6 wks and 1d and I have been backed up for almost a week (minus a few small bits once). We went to a cousins 3rd birthday party earlier today and was ok but once we left I felt really odd. I had tried glycerin suppositories the other night without any luck so after this much pain I went and got an enema. Tried to use it but couldn't get much in. Then came more pain from that solution.... had to have hubby run me a trashcan bc I knew the barf was coming next. He barely made it to me before it let loose. I called my Ob's office to see if the on call person had any more ideas. She said to go to the ER but I guess the solution just took longer then expected.... good luck if any of you ladies are also experiencing constipation bc it is a real downer and stops your life once you get so plugged.

*laxatives of any kind are not good for preggos to take bc it can cause contractions but I was desperate