Born at 34 weeks

I went into the hospital on August 26th for high blood pressure and sinus bradycardia. I was having bad chest pain and the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on. They checked me for a stroke and still found nothing. The doctor decided that it would be best to induce me and had already given me steroids to boost her lungs on Monday. When they checked my cervix I was at a 2 and 50% effaced. They induced me at 11 pm on the 26th and I was in labor for about 4 hours until my water broke and I was 6 cm and 85% effaced. All of a sudden doctors and nurses came swarming into my room saying they needed to stop my labor and do an emergency c section because the baby's heart rate was dropping. They rushed me into the operating room and did a spinal anesthesia and performed the c section. When they pulled her out she didn't cry and I heard the doctor say "she is very tiny." Miss Charlie Elizabeth was born 8/27/15 at 5:52 am and weighed 3lbs 11oz and is 16 in long.  She had to be on the cpap machine because she was working too hard to breathe. She also has fluid on her lungs. Today they took her off and put her on a high flow cannula and so far she is tolerating it beautifully. She is in the nicu and I have only held her for a few minutes but she is the most beautiful, feisty little angel. She is the smallest one in the nicu, but puts up the biggest fight. She needs lots of prayers as she fights to grow and get rid of the fluid. It just amazes me how much she changes every day and how much she has overcome in such a short time. She has lost a little bit of weight and has to be treated for jaundice hopefully tomorrow. She will be in the nicu for at least two weeks and needs lots of prayers and love.