Trying to conceive with issues

Hi, guys my husband & I are having the hardest time to concieve . I am 23 years old . To start off with a little background , AT the age 15 I had an abortion for the guy that is my husband now . I was placed on the depo provera at the age 17 I was off the depo provera at the age 19 and went to the pill for 5 months stop that ! & my period is very irregular til where I will get 2 periods in one month I talk to my gyn and she said it takes time to get your period back regular . I face the worst cramping pain ever , which she check and she said I'm fine! Help please guys because it is very stressful for me & my husband right now ! Sometimes my menstrual will last 8 days, 10, 11, 12 days !! Need help running out of options ??