So basically my boyfriend that I have now is completely rude towards me, i have a kid from a previous relationship and like we were ttc baby #2, me and my current boyfriend but when things get heated between us he always brings up that fact that I'm not pregnant yet but managed to have a kid before with someone else and he's basically saying that he wants to be with somebody that will have a kid and will both be there first ... I'm just crying my eyes out because I was a teenage mother and like it wasn't like I planned it, but he always tries to make me have a guilt trip over the simple fact that I had a kid so young. I feel worthless and it hurts because I'm a great person but I'm so tired of ppl judging others based off their past situations and being a mother back then so young .. I feel like I'm not good enough and he always says that yeah he has a past but at least he doesn't have a kid which he says is different so therefore his past doesn't amount to mine, basically saying mine is worse when he still has his damn ex name tattooed on him. Idk what to do :( he's so bipolar, it's like it wants us one day and then hates me the next bc I have a son :'( please no mean comments, I'm really needing advice :'( I just feel useless like if I could I would change a lot of things about my past but I can't :'(