Disgusted by so

Anyone else revolted by their significant other right now or is it just me?! It's probably just me, because he sucks and is lazy, he'll comes home from work and becomes one with the couch-gut hanging out, watching sports all night and when he's not doing something for himself, he's doing something for himself. No matter how hard I beg or cry or talk to him nicely about him drinking less, he just can't stop with the beer-and the constant smoking of the vape pen. He just sits on the couch watching sports alllllll day and night, smoking and drinking beer and I'm just so sick of him I could puke! I hate when he's off work isn't that horrible?! Because I know he's just going to sit around and drink smoke and do nothing with his self, even shower. He doesn't care at all about trying to look or act attractive and the only time his asshole self is nice is when he wants sex. He doesn't compliment me even though I bring this up weekly and when I do he says he does but he doesn't unless I coax him to. He is dull and rude and never wants to do anything as a family unless i drag him and then he just acts irritated and rude the whole time because he isn't drinking or smoking or watching sports. Rant over thanks