Crazy and super realistic dream!

The other night was like any other normal night where I tossed and turned struggling to be 100% comfortable. I ended up falling asleep and had a nightmare basically where my mom died. I've never in my life had a dream like that. Normally I wouldn't think too much into a dream but this one, feeling as a real as it did, scared me beyond description. Our family lost my dad to suicide when I was 8 going on 9 and then my grandma (my dads mom who I was incredibly close to and loved dearly died 5 years later...I'm now 21) so the thought of losing my mom who is my world, would destroy me. I literally woke up in tears after struggling to wake up and had to make sure she was okay. She, in real life, also has health issues which constantly worries me. She was fine when I checked on her but I couldn't help but to hold her and cry. Has anyone had this or something similar happene to them? I tried looking up what dreams like this could mean but surprisingly didn't find anything.