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So! This guy I've been seeing for the past 4 months or so. We started off as friends, then steadily turned into friends with benefits. But it's so weird. I give him rides home, we hang out and hold hands and stuff, kiss.. You know. All that. And we have some pretty deep conversations. Even the other night he asked me 'what I was looking for with us? Do you want to stay friends with benefits or do you want to persue a relationship?'. Now, of course I like him. And it's been steadily growing for a bit, but I wasn't going to out right blurt out 'OMG I LIKE TOTALLY WANNA BE UR GF LOL'. I just calmly said 'if we stay friends with benefits; that's fine. If this turns into a relationship; that's fine too.' Honestly, I feel like I should've told him how I felt. We even had a date on Labor Day. He said we should do it again. So, I guess this... Turned out to be longer than I wanted it to be. So my question is... Should I tell him how I feel? I have VERY bad anxiety (which he knows about) and I've been rejected/abused so much in my life that I really don't want to tell him. Just to save the heart break. He basically knows everything about my life, and even offered to let me stay by his place when things with my mom get rough (and I offered the same to him). >~<