OH staying out all night

My OH lived in another country from me so I moved to be with him 9 months ago. I am extremely lonely and finding it hard to make friends as all his friends have just had babies and are too busy to socialise with me. He works while I am setting up our business from home. Sometimes after work he goes out for ONE drink and doesn't come home until the following morning at 1am, 3am sometimes 6am then goes to work the next day. He always starts a fight with me when I say I wish he would tell me he is staying out cause I do worry. He swears at me and calls me names and turns all the lights on and slams doors so he makes sure I am fully awake - all because I ask him to let me know in future when he is staying out. Last night he went out without his key and said he would be home at 730pm - he didn't get in till 130am and that was after me calling & texting him. He expected me to either leave the front door open for him or he would wake me up. A guy broke into my home a few years ago while I was in bed so I have a phobia about the door bring unlocked. All I did was ask him to come home and he wouldn't as he was having too good a time with his work mates and their girlfriends. When he did come home he was shouting and swearing at me for ruining his night. Sorry for the long story I am just so upset and have no one to talk too.