Baby mom

Vikki • 25, Newly married, added two children to my life ages 12 & 7. Considering my own child next year.
This past month my husband has had many issues with his sons mother. She is recently married & so are we so I feel I shouldn't have these thoughts but I do. My thoughts lately are he still has feelings for her & deep down wants to be with her but knows they just can't hash the past & make it work. I feel as if when your over someone your neutral about them it's like you don't hate them but what they do doesn't effect you either. He is always so concerned with her I feel like it's all we talk about!!! He's constantly bash talking her and her husband which in a way it screams he can't stand her but my gut is telling me something different. This morning they have custody court & I was going to go with him just for support, as I'm getting dressed he says you don't have to go & booked out the door. He's also had court in the past and left late like not worried about time but this morning he left super early!! My mind is freaking out, idk how to digest these gut feelings I am having with this situation?!?