I'm New & Need Your Opinion!!!

So my period was on August 22 to August 28 it lasts no more than 7 days. And it tells me that my period will come again on September 21 to September 27. My fertile days were on September 3 to September 9. I had sex with my spouse on the 8 of September, yes it was unprotected intercourse, so the following morning I felt dizziness and had headaches and I felt my pelvic really tendered and to the point where i would feel cramps, or pulling, and since the 9th til today I still feel those cramps, but they last one minute or less it's really weird, I most of the times feel tingling....so my question is am I pregnant and i just wait to do a pregnancy test, or what? I'm really hoping I'm pregnant even though I felt that I conceived already but not really sure if I did or not....I need your opinions ladies...help!!! And sometimes I have mild back pains and been feeling fatigue!!! Opinions please!!! If I conceived on the 8th I would be 3 days today...I mean even when my period comes I don't even have any pain at all just cramps but after a day or 2 being on my period....other than that...this symptoms are really weird but if it's AFP I'll be so happy, hopefully it is...what do u think?