It happened...pregnancy after depo!!!!

I woke up this morning and felt like taking a pregnancy test and to my surprise (after 4 tests) I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! 
My last depo shot was December 2014 and we officially started trying in March 2015. I never fully went back to a normal cycle and to my surprise I am pregnant. I am still in shock. I had an appointment with my doctor to discuss bringinng on my period this week and now I get to have that appointment to confirm my pregnancy.  
I am on cloud nine. Don't give up hope. My doctor gave me advice two months ago to stop stressing and just have sex every other day. My hubby and I had a wonderful 2 week vacation planned and during that time  is when I got pregnant. We had sex almost everyday (cause why's vacation, right?) and here we are. I rescheduled my doctors appointment for today for official confirmation and will tell my hubby tonight over a romantic dinner I'll be cooking up later (sans wine...guess I have to get used to that for a few months).  
Love and baby dust to all (with extra dust out to my fellow former depo users!!)