9/11 rant

Kira`sMommy • I like to travel. mommy of 1. engaged. loving life
I understand completely that 9/11 is a sad day. I could never imagine that. But one thing pissed me off (not about 9/11 it's self) my best friends boyfriend for the last week will share pictures of the twin towers being hit and a bunch of jokes about it. And it's nothing to joke about many many people lost their lives. He says "gotta make the best of a situation" but in this case no you don't make the best out of this that's so disrespectful. And number two I think there should be no school or work on this day. In honor of the people that died that day. For the family's who lost someone. I don't know maybe I have that all wrong. I diffenetly don't want people think of it as a holiday. Is this what memorial weekend is for? Or is that for anyone that has died?