How to tell if baby is breech?

Corrina • Mummy to a 3 year old little girl, expecting our second little girl in November '15. 🎀
I'm 30 weeks pregnant so obviously not worried about it just yet, but I often feel her feet in my ribs, and what I always thought was her bum right at the top of my bump.. Well my friend is just 2 weeks ahead of me, & she thought her baby was head down but her midwife has told her that it's actually her baby's head & not his bum (like I've been thinking) so he's like upside down (I dont remember the technical word lol). How can I tell if she's head down or not? I see the midwife in a couple weeks so I'm sure she'll tell me but till then are there any ways of telling? I never feel kicks in specific places either which doesn't help lol. Also I have a 3 year old so can't remember anything from my first pregnancy lol