Single mom?

Adrian • Due March 23, 2016
My fiancé and I got into this huge fight and I just can't take it anymore. I am accused of cheating everyday when that has never once crossed my mind. My dad always told me that if a man accuses you of cheating, it because he has a guilty conscious. And my dad was a cheater himself. I never once thought that my boyfriend would ever cheat on me but that problem is that I am never good enough for him. I try my hardest everyday to please him and his mom. I clean her house and our house for her everyday. And that's not enough. I always wake up thinking it's a new day with a good attitude and that's never enough. But the thing is, he isn't enough for me. I want someone who will actually love me unconditionally and won't start with the name calling whenever he's mad. Always told how I'm a piece of shit and how I'm lazy and worthless. But the thing is, he is all of those. I have to clean up after him everyday. God forbid he help me make the bed. I still love him. I want to try to make things work but if they won't, it will be okay. I haven't talked to him since I broke up with him (1 hour ago) but I am going to suggest that he needs counseling. I am not 100% done. I can't be. I'm having his baby in 5 months. I still love him but this time I love me more. And I love this baby more than anything. I just want to do what is best for this baby. My boyfriend is just too stressful for me to be around. Especially when I'm pregnant. I feel like he gives me high blood pressure. I just hate to see myself put up with all the shit. It's not fair. He was in my car and he started saying how I fucked all these people (not true btw) and he wouldn't give it up. And finally I said I was done. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed him to give me my keys so that I could go. Well he said "no. You're not done" and it took him awhile to finally give me my keys. We live 20 minutes out of town and I left him there stranded. I know it's not nice but I really didn't care. He wasn't my problem anymore. I don't think he realized how far he had actually pushed me. Until he goes to counseling, I'll be happy being a single mom.